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Look at all these Books!

Got all the mini’s done that I had planned on, so this weekend at the Nampa Festival of the Arts I will have my sketchbook, both of my new inktober illustration books, and the new mini coloring book/zine.  Plus as

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Monsters In Your Head Time Lapse Video

So I have uploaded my first official video to youtube, and it just so happens to be a time lapse video of my newest piece. Enjoy! Oh and before I forget, here is the actual photo of the piece.

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Inktober 17th, Danny Phantom!

Inktober 17th 2015…. Danny Phantom….. Fighting Skulker!    Finally picked up some new Broad Copic markers in black, so I was able to ink large areas without getting the brush out. Yeah, so this ones pretty basic, I’m hoping to

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Inktober 10th! Chowder!

Inktober 10th 2015! Chowder!   I love Chowder!  Even though the show can be pretty dumb at times, it’s a pretty smart show. I mean, what other cartoon can combine weird characters and food?

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Well hello there, it’s been awhile….

So my wife pointed out that I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought now would be a good time to catch up. I haven’t really done much since the first of the year. I’m actually switching my focus

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Inktober days 2, 3 and 4!

I posted 2 of these late, but got all three of them posted last night, so now I’m all caught up. The hardest part of this whole thing is just trying to figure out what to draw. So here is

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Sunday paper

Yeah, so it’s totally weird seeing yourself in the news paper, but there I am, With the interview I did for the Idaho Press Tribune. That picture is huge, takes up half the page….. You can read the article Here!

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Daily Sketch 26

Daily Sketch number 26 from 3/5/14. Today we have Looshkin and Bear from Jamie Smart’s comic “Bear”. If you’ve never read this, you need to, its genius. And it about a foul mouthed talking teddy bear, published like 15 years

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Daily Sketch 25

Daily sketch number 25 from 3/4/2014. Oh, Invader Zim, what can be said this? I am a huge fan of all of Jhonen Vasquez’s work, so of course I was going to draw Zim and Gir at some point. There

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Daily Sketch 24

Daily sketch number 24, from 3/3/14. This morning I was having a really rough time waking up, normally I’m a morning person, not so much this morning. So this is a self portrait sketch from that morning.

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